RLUK25 Conference

Heldags onsdag 19. mars 2025 – fredag 21. mars 2025

Arrangør: Research Libraries UK

RLUK25 is an open, international conference. RLUK25 will be an in-person conference held in Liverpool on 19-21 March 2025.

The conference is open to all, and is an excellent opportunity for professionals to connect, discuss and debate together in order to help shape the research library of the 21st century.

Libraries seek to build their practices on strong foundations of integrity, critical thinking, and ethical values. These foundations underpin a commitment to civic duty, positioning libraries as highly trusted partners and authorities in their communities.

In an age of misinformation and disinformation, maintaining information integrity is fundamental to a well-functioning society and democracy. The spread of false narratives, fake news, and censorship poses significant challenges that require a multifaceted approach to address. It is a complex challenge and one in which libraries play a crucial role.

RLUK25 will explore the philosophical and pragmatic challenges for research libraries and their role in upholding the values of trust and integrity.

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