Nordic Libraries Together | The Public Library as a Social Platform  

Heldags onsdag 18. oktober 2023 – fredag 20. oktober 2023

Arrangør: the Nordic library network NINJA.

The conference will examine the role of the public library in society. Keynote speakers are at the forefront of their field when it comes to society and the library as a third place. 

On the occasion of  the 100th anniversary of Reykjavik City Library library professionals and other interested are invited to take part in the conference Nordic Libraries Together. The conference in Reykjavik is the third one, initiated by the Nordic library network NINJA. It has previously been hosted in Malmö in 2021 and Bergen in 2022. The conference is organized in cooperation with the Municipal Library of Akureyri and the Kópavogur Public Library.

Inspiring keynotes, resourceful talkshops, and networking 

Eric Klinenberg is is a renowned sociologist and the author of the best-selling book Palaces for the People, which discusses public libraries as key institutions when it comes to livable communities. Jan David Hanrath is an architect (and former librarian) who has specialised and consulted in many library design projects. He is a part of a creative collaboration platform called The Ministry of imagination, which works to help libraries and cultural institutions make their future dreams come true. 

At the conference, participants have the chance to learn about recent projects that include social innovation and participate in workshops and discussions. 

The Nordic Libraries Together logo is designed by Ragnar Rørnes.

Further information:

Barbara Helga Guðnadóttir, Library Manager at the Reykjavík City Library in Grófin
barbara.helga.gudnadottir@reykjavik.is | 411 6130