LundOnline 2024 – Turning policy into practice

Heldags tirsdag 22. oktober 2024 – torsdag 24. oktober 2024

Arrangør: Lund University

LundOnline brings together librarians, publishers, researchers and funding agencies to discuss the future of the scholarly communication landscape. Sponsored by publishers and free of charge for participants.

Policies and guidelines on scholarly communication from national and European entities that address the access to scholarly outputs are abundant, and goals are increasingly harmonized on a policy level.

LundOnline 2024 explores the intricate processes of implementing guidelines and policy frameworks in scholarly communication practices engaging publishers, academic institutions, and libraries.

Tentative themes include different actors’ engagement with policy initiatives, non-profit publishing, publishing platforms, copyright, and licensing. Speakers will include representatives from different stakeholders in the scholarly communication scope of practice and formats will emphasise dialogue.

LundOnline 2024 is an on-site three-day lunch-to-lunch conference from the 22nd to the 24th of October held at Stadshallen in the center of Lund. The conference is sponsored by publishers and free of charge for participants. Join us and engage in explorative and constructive conversation on policy implementation and the future of scholarly communication.

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