LIBER Architecture Group Seminar 2024

Heldags onsdag 24. april 2024 – fredag 26. april 2024
Royal Library of Belgium, Boulevard de l’Empereur, Brussels, Belgium

Arrangør: LIBER (Association of European Research Libraries)

Arrangementets nettside: LIBER Architecture Group Seminar 2024

This three-day event will look at library buildings as points of encounter between research, knowledge, learning, heritage and communities, exploring the role of libraries as trusted and engaged hubs in today’s society.

The next LIBER Architecture Group Seminar 2024 will take place at the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), in Brussels.

During the conference more than 20 innovative projects from all over Europe will be presented, shared and discussed through keynote interventions, workshops and panel discussion.

As the seminar will be focusing on new trends in architecture and design, topics such as inclusivity, community engagement and sustainability will be high on the seminar’s agenda.