Bibliotektjenester og endring i UH-organisasjoner

Prosjekteier: Høgskolen i Bergen
Kontaktperson: Maria Carme Torras Calvo
Tidsperiode: 2014 - 2015
Samlet støtte: 775 000kr
Kategori: Samarbeid og partnerskap


Utvikling av relevante og effektive bibliotektjenester i organisasjoner i endring:
En studie av "operasjonell proksimitet" blant støttespillere i UH-bibliotek.


Over the last years, a number of academic libraries in Norway have undergone mergers or changes in status, for example, from being a university college Library with focus on teaching and student support to becoming a university library With focus on both student and research support (e.g. University Libraries of Agder, Nordland and Stavanger). In the years to come, as other Norwegian higher education institutions aim at achieving university status or undergo mergers, moreacademic libraries will experience similar organisational challenges.

Our Principal area of concern in this project is how professional relationships shift in the light of organisational change, both within the library, and between the library and other key  stakeholders in higher education, and how these changed relationships can be understood and managed. How can the development of both staff and services be optimised in the light of  changes such as mergers; alterations in status (e.g. promotion from university college status to full university); and other processes?

How can the systems of the library be kept responsive to change, and staff’s understandings of these changes? What consequences does organisational change have for the professional  development of library staff? How can these organisational changes be used strategically to enhance proximity between stakeholders, i.e. collaboration and partnership, and thus ensure the support of the mother institution’s core activities, teaching and research, through relevant and effective library services?

Les prosjektsøknad og rapport her:
Søknad (pdf)
Rapport (pdf)